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Texas County
Departments, Services, and
Election Board 	     
                       301 N. Main St. (Courthouse Annex)
PO Box 607
 	          Guymon, Ok. 73942
                       (580)338-2618 (Office Line/Fax)
                       FaceBook:  Texas County Election Board 
Office Hours:  9:00 am-3:00 pm
Danielle (Dannie) Williams - Secretary
Glenda Williams - Chief Clerk
Community Service (Not in use at this time)
 PO Box 197
 Guymon, OK 73942
Office Hours:  8:30 am-4:30 pm  Monday – Friday
Community Service places non-violent offenders in non-profit
places to work off part of their offense. This program is an
alternative to incarceration. This is a good program because
it teaches the offender they have to account for their offense.
Health Department
 1410 N East St.
 Guymon, OK 73942
 (580)338-0858 Fax email address
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
The Health Department provides public health services to residents
of Texas County. Some of the services provided include: Child 
Health Services, WIC Clinic, Guidance Services, Injury Prevention,
Communicable Disease Control, Family Planning Clinic, Maternity
Clinic, Chronic Disease Screening Clinic, Eldercare Services, Health
Education, Environmental Health Services, and others. For an
explanation of and complete list of services please contact us at the
above phone number. We are partners in developing a Health
Community. We are part of the Texas County Turning Point
Partnership. For more information on the Turning Point
Partnership click here


Texas County Emergency Management
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday
2902 Tumbleweed Dr 	Industrial Park				
Harold Tyson
P.O. Box 197
Guymon, OK 73942
(580) 338-0911
(580) 338-5844
LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)
911 Coordinator:
Office Located at:
Texas County Emergency Management
2902 Tumbleweed Dr Industrial Park
P.O. Box 197
Guymon, OK 73942
(580) 468-1550
(580) 338-5844
LEPC Officers are as follows:
Harold Tyson 
Harold Tyson
Vice Chairman
Frosty Osborn
Assistant-East Side
Frosty Osborn
Assistant-West Side
Raymond Tanquary
Members are as follows:
Harold Tyson
Wayne Hoffman
Wendall Wehmeier
Ken Coulson
Allen Mendenhall
Mary Ann Eastland
Kathy Christian
Frosty Osborn
Lori Sanders
Sharon Hall
Phillip Kittle
Raymon Tanquary
Al Boyett
Jim Smith
Mike Brewer
Clark Purdy
Dale Johnson
Stephen Rempe
Kay Allen
Wayland Wehmeier
Bill Vernon
Wayne Nelson
Robbie Nelson
Carrie Haisten
Les Shrum
Stephanie Shrum
Ted Fields
Michael Babb
All mail and Tier II data sheets are processed and records are kept at:
 Texas County Emergency Management
 % Harold Tyson
 P.O. Box 197
 2902 Tumbleweed Dr.
 Guymon, OK 73942
 Phone (580) 468-1550
 Fax (580) 338-5844
Juvenile Detention Center
Keysha James, Director
 PO Box 818
 Hooker, OK 73945
 (580)652-2051 Fax
The Texas County Juvenile Detention provides secure detention for
juveniles ages 10-17 who have committed serious offenses or have
been determined to be a flight risk or a risk to the community.
Education is provided on site by a teacher employed by the Hooker
Public School. Individual and group counseling services are provided
The Juvenile Detention Center is operated by Texas County under
contract to the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs. We work closely
with workers in the Juvenile Services Unit of OJA. Including Texas
County, we have contracts with 36 counties in Oklahoma to provide
detention for. We are part of a system of regional detention centers
operated throughout the state.
Early Settlement Panhandle (No Longer In Use)
  Sponsored by Texas County
 Serving Texas, Cimarron, Beaver and Harper Counties
 Director – Theresa Bingham
 Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm – Monday thru Thursday
			   7:30 am to 2:30 pm - Friday
 120 NW 4th Street
PO Box 1884
 Guymon, OK 73942
In Mediation a neutral third party helps those in conflict define issues,
explore solutions and reach practical, workable and mutually satisfactory
agreements. Mediation seeks to prevent conflicts from escalating, saving 
everyone involved the time and expense of going to court.

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